Sunday, June 11, 2006


well boredom as sunk in... i hate the last few hours before the flight. is it worth it to sleep for a few hours or should i just stay up? did i forget anything in my packing? is it all there. if i did i can just pick it up in the states. i need to weigh my suit cases, too. maybe i'll be able to buy stuff in seattle and mt. st. helens. ok so i've put off the packing long enough i must go finish it. have a good night. it'll be a couple days till i return.


well, it's not very often you can say it's cold here in singapore, but i'm FREEZING!!! now granted i was just in my airconned bedroom on the phone, but still usually i warm up instantly when i com outside of my room, i think it was actually cooler outside my room than in. well maybe not quite. anyway, i'm avoidig packing, i really don't enjoy it and i have two huge suitcases to pack and a room to clean and only 8 hours left. so i should probably start.

church was good today. pastor talked about working out your faith and how you don't need to work for salvation, but you do need to grow in your faith and you do that by working. challenge was has your relationship grown with the Lord in the last year? the last week? good challenge.


so last night was late. went out for tea with some friends. we started about 1030pm and didn't end until about 130am. it was good tho. saw a friend i haven't seen in several months and it's always good to catch up on what's going on in his life. then got home and wasn't tired, hmm maybe it was the 2 pots of tea i drank :) so i called a friend in the states, then my parents. was finally 3am before i slept. so opted for 2nd service for church this am. i'm excited, i really enjoy our new pastor and what he teaches us. well it's about time to head out to church. i leave for the states in 14 hours. well for the airport, plane doesn't leave until 630am.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


hello, well just finished four days in ho chi minh city. it was wonderful, the perfect amount of time to see the city. saw the cu chi tunnels that the viet cong used during the war, and the mekong river delta, was very relaxing. also spent a day shopping and spent too much money, but have a good amount of stuff to give so i'm excited about that.

so a little about me... my name is heidi. i live in singapore. i teach at a small international christian school. the school year just finished, i have officially taught for 2 1/2 years as a pre-school/kindergarten teacher, and will be doing only preschool next year!!!! i'm excited about it. i love the little kids, there hearts are so open and loving. as you can see i don't like to use the shift key, so there's not a lot of capitals, and honestly my spelling is bad and so's my puncutation.

don't know how often i'll update this as most days i come home from teaching exhausted and just flop into bed so... but i have two months of vacation so maybe i'll get to it. will get some pictures up soon too, probably in the next couple of weeks. have a trip to seattle and mount saint helens and then to my parent's house in wiscosin.

well i think there's some plans to go out tonight will try to figure it out.

Monday, June 05, 2006

first timer

well this is my first blog. hope it goes well. :) school's out for the summer and i have some trips planned i'm pretty exited about them.