Sunday, June 11, 2006


so last night was late. went out for tea with some friends. we started about 1030pm and didn't end until about 130am. it was good tho. saw a friend i haven't seen in several months and it's always good to catch up on what's going on in his life. then got home and wasn't tired, hmm maybe it was the 2 pots of tea i drank :) so i called a friend in the states, then my parents. was finally 3am before i slept. so opted for 2nd service for church this am. i'm excited, i really enjoy our new pastor and what he teaches us. well it's about time to head out to church. i leave for the states in 14 hours. well for the airport, plane doesn't leave until 630am.

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Heidi said...

oh so the reason i titled this ants is cuz i'm sitting here at my computer and i've squashed like 20 ants in the 10 mins i've been here.