Sunday, October 22, 2006


so here are some pics i promised several months ago from vietnam. i'm still enjoying my long weekend off. and can't wait until it's time to go to bed so i can sleep some more. the haze is bad, but not as bad and i think we're going to try walking to school later so i can pick up a package i've only been waiting a month for...gotta love the postal system :) so the pics are loading very well for me so you get three now and i'll try to do more later. enjoy~~heidi

a street shot

a church we found on the first walk out of our hotel

what a great way to take a nap huh? in your cyclo--a common mode of transport i rode it one it was fun, but a bit scary

Friday, October 20, 2006

sarah's wedding

so way back in May before i even had a blog...sarah and chuck got married. i surprised them and showed up at the wedding. it was a fast but fun trip! don't know if i'll ever make a weekend trip again. i was tired and my plane got delayed so i missed another day of work.

the wedding party

chuck and alex waiting and watching

sarah and her dad

do you take...?


the happy couple

grandma, grandpa and all the grandkids

johanna was there too

isn't he cute?

so there's one more pic i'm trying to put on but it won't let me so i'll try later, but i want to get this posted. hope you enjoy!


ahhh...hours and hours and hour and oh more hours of is out for five whole days!! that means five days of sleeping in, reading, and playing and doing really whatever i want! i'm a little excited can you tell? well i didn't wake up til 10am that's like a first in a really long time, probably summer!

so for the last two weeks or longer i can't remember singapore has been shrouded in this haze of smoke and smog! it's gross...i can't breathe like a normal person. walking like three steps leaves me winded well ok the three steps may be an exageration but it's bad.

so..plans for this wonderful, watch pride and prejudice (BBC version) watch bride and prejudice, watch pride and prejudice(new one), read, clean my room, read, do laundry, read, go to church, read, play games, read, do a little work at school (have to do lesson plans), read, play on the computer, read...oh yeah and SLEEP!!!