Friday, October 20, 2006


ahhh...hours and hours and hour and oh more hours of is out for five whole days!! that means five days of sleeping in, reading, and playing and doing really whatever i want! i'm a little excited can you tell? well i didn't wake up til 10am that's like a first in a really long time, probably summer!

so for the last two weeks or longer i can't remember singapore has been shrouded in this haze of smoke and smog! it's gross...i can't breathe like a normal person. walking like three steps leaves me winded well ok the three steps may be an exageration but it's bad.

so..plans for this wonderful, watch pride and prejudice (BBC version) watch bride and prejudice, watch pride and prejudice(new one), read, clean my room, read, do laundry, read, go to church, read, play games, read, do a little work at school (have to do lesson plans), read, play on the computer, read...oh yeah and SLEEP!!!

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Jen said...

it sounds like you are going to have a nice weekend! :)