Monday, August 14, 2006

i survived

well...the first day of school is over. i have survived. i only had three kids...but they still wore me out. i forget that they don't know how to line up, walk in a straight line, or really do anything...but it was a good day. they were able to play with each other. that was a fear that i had that they wouldn't like each other. i can already see an order. i have one bosy one and two that just take it, although i think that one of them will start to say no to the bosy one. i saw a little of it today. sorry it's been so long since i've written anything. some day i will get on and post pics of my trips and talk about them too. well i'm in great need of starbucks and lunch food for tomorrow. have a great night/morning depending on where you are.


Jen said...

Heidi I saw your comment the other day over at Aaron & Heather's blog. I had been reading theirs and then when Payton went home I thought everything would be fine but, then Eir emailed me their blog address again and I read all that has been going on this month. Well. I followed your comment here. How have you been?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Heidi! I too saw your comment on Aaron and Heather's blog and just wanted to say hi. Have you received anything in the mail from me? If not it should be coming soon. I hope you're having a nice weekend! Love you!