Tuesday, February 02, 2010

here are a few of my favorite....

so i didn't think it would be so hard to find pictures of my favorite places...they are after all...my favorite places...but most of them stem from memories of my childhood and lets face it
a. digital cameras weren't around then
b. i wasn't taking pictures, cuz well i was a child...although we did play photography studio...
anyway...here are a few of my favorite places
first off when i think of my fav places i immediately think of my grandparents farm in northern north dakota...it's quite run down now as it hasn't been lived in for a long time i'd say almost 12 years and this was taken about 4 years ago...
the farm
next is my home town... good old Eau Claire...particularly my parents' back yard...which i searched and searched and searched and couldn't find the picture i knew i took last summer...but this yard holds many memories...from snow forts and sledding to pool parties to bridal showers, baby showers, and birthday parties...more recently roasting marshmallows with friends kids...
Eau claire
found one...pretty sure i didn't take it tho cuz there's lilacs and i haven't seen lilacs in mom and dad's yard in 6 years...look at that hill it makes for some great sledding :)

next is a little strange, but i love this pic of my mom at her parents' graves...again in ND
next in the travels we get to the mountains of Virginia...probably my 2nd most visited place in the world...dad grew up around here so memories attached to these mountains are hikes with cousins, fights of aluminum cans, many a trip into a cavern or two, and then the drives that take us nowhere but always give a great insight into dad's growing up years
next is the town i went to university in...st. cloud, mn...i still return there once a year or so to see two dear friends of mine and their lovely families but i don't have pictures of the towns so you'll have to enjoy pictures of the people...which is actually more a fav of the town...wouldn't go there if they weren't there :) dawn and katie expect your photo be taken next summer...i have none...love and miss you both :)
St. Cloud

Next we come to my third home city...Singapore...i love it here...the people, the busyness, the atmosphere, i rarely find something to dislike in my home away from "home"

So that's a few of my favorite places...this idea came from the i heart faces challenge of the week so head on over to there to see more...click the button below...

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Dawn said...

Awwww, thanks for including us in your blog. And um, yeah, we'll need to get an updated photo of me next time you're here - and maybe this time I'll take a shower first!!! =) Love you!