Tuesday, March 30, 2010

spring break

this past spring break i traveled with many people to tiomen (i'm never sure if it's tiomen or tioman, it's spelled both ways when i google it :)). the highlight of the trip...was the snorkeling, well it's really all i did. cuz the pool was small and the water was FREEZING (the water comes off the mountain), the pool chairs were nice, but there was little breeze by them so they were HOT. so i just spent the days in the ocean amazed at God's under sea creations. the fish were amazing the coral was amazing, the sea turtle and sting ray i saw were amazing...i could have stayed their forever...

some highlights of the trip.....

a turtle

a sting ray

angel fish



and more coral



a giant clam

some great shells...

a bristle star

and people too :)

the water was a gorgeous color!!!

and these guys were all over the place...

to see more pics head here

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