Tuesday, November 16, 2010

silence, a book, and a project...

well i've been silent for awhile...mostly because life has been CRAZY... i've finished my master's degree...well i've finished the work for it...graduation isn't until dec 18...but well i'll be on  an airplane most of that day (which for those counting is only 32 days away) so won't be at graduation, but i will be on the same continent... oh and the thing that's really taking up ALL of my time...teaching first grade...getting in the grove of planning for new subjects, not that i haven't taught them before, but it's new content, not that it's hard content, cuz well it is first grade, but it's just new...it takes time...the last 5 years or so of teaching i would look back at the previous years of lesson plans to see what i did and use some of the previous ideas... i have no previous years to look back on...oh the time came to sign up for another year...i did...i like it here...i like my job...i'm staying... :) so a book as i said... it's here check it out...if you want you can buy it too :)

Purple by Heidi Garber | Make Your Own Book
so it's there.... and a project...it can be found here...i'll try to be good at uploading new pics to it...but well that requires me to take them off my camera :)
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