Monday, June 14, 2010

Interpersonal Strategy

Interpersonal Strategy

Submitted by: Heidi Garber
Title of activity: Community Circle
Intended for grades: 4-12

Description of learning activity:
  1. choose a topic
  2. arrange students in a circle. 10 or less is best
  3. allow each student to speak by moving discussion around the circle.
    1. not everyone has to speak
    2. may circle more than once
  4. after each time around review what has been said and look for patterns
  5. when finished help students make conclusions using synthesis and reflection questions
  6. help students take leadership by pointing out positives and negatives from the discuss

Source of activity:
Silver, H. F., Strong, R. W., & Perini, M.J. (2007). The Strategic Teacher, Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Materials/Supplies needed:
a circle of chairs or large floor space to sit on.
Ideas for extension or other application
    • Literature circles
    • Shared interest groups
    • Writer's clubs
    • Morning Meeting

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