Thursday, June 10, 2010

Self Expressive Strategy

Self Expressive Strategy

Submitted by: Heidi Garber
Title of Activity: Mind's Eye
Intended for Grades: K-12

Description of Learning Activity:
To guide students in the process:
  1. Find/choose reading passage.

  2. Choose 20-30 key words from text.

    1. Is the word important to the text?

    2. Does the word offer information about meaning, themes, character, etc?

    3. Does word contain visual or sensory information.

    4. Do they together provide enough information to make quality predictions.

    5. Choose order carefully.
  3. Have students determine which end product they would like to do:
    1. Raw a picture on paper of the picture you formed in your head.
    2. Ask a question you may have.
    3. Make a prediction about the book.
    4. Describe your feelings.
  4. Read words slowly having students adjust image at each new word
  5. Have students draw, question, predict or describe.
  6. Read text.
To have students do it on their own:
  1. Begin with simple, non textual image making.

    1. i.e. apple, beach, sweet and sour chicken.
    2. Have them layer visualizations, chocolate, nuts, raisins, lemon.
  2. Have students pre-read passage, help them ID words with visual and sensory information.
  3. Have them discuss words they chose in small groups.
Source of Activity:

Silver, H. F., Strong, R. W., & Perini, M.J. (2007). The Strategic Teacher, Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Materials/Supplies needed:
  • List of words
  • Book to read
  • Paper
  • Markers/Crayons
Ideas for extension or other application:
  • Only choose one end product
  • Have students draw an image from the text. Exchange images with another student. Identify text for the new picture.
See powerpoint located here: Mind's Eye PowerPoint

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